Impatient Trader
I am really impressed and happy with the way Fyers team helps and resolves our queries...

Yesterday my Dividend query and pledged Liquidbees ticket was also resolved...

And even I got the call for the said query resolved...

I must thanks and appreciate fyers people like Tushar Shinde and others... the way they helping...

Such team and people are asset of any organization... and it boosts confidence in any bad situation ...

Thanks team fyers.
Loosing confidence in Fyers Web charts now. Rates being traded are not being captured on the charts. Yesterday also, there was a trade at a price, not reflected on the charts, today also, I have a trade on the buy side at 11091.65, whereas the high on the Fyers web charts is still 11090.20
Very very disturbing.
Checked in Fyers One also, same difference. Captured by Charts of other brokers. Very shocking.
EDIT: Checked charts of one more broker, not captured by them also. Whats going on?
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