We have noticed that after login and logout several times by creating a currency exclusive watchlist, it worked fine and all the added currency script were visible. Please make sure your installed Fyers Market is updated one. Let us know if you need any further assistance. You can write to [email protected] too.

Yes my watch list for currencies is only for currencies only... And yes, my android apps are on autoupdate...

But i will try creating it again and see if it sticks.



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Hey @soft_trader, This was implemented last year based on the feedback given on the same thread, I think. Glad you like it!

We also introduced portrait charts in our latest mobile app update.

Happy trading!
I used your other platforms but not mobile app. Installed it recently and was pleasantly surprised by the simple login procedure.
@Tejas, I am new to fyers. Tab is my preferred device for trading (mobility+screen size).

Unfortunately fyers app as well as web do not work on a tab. I have given this feedback to the support team. I hope this request has found its way to the backlog and will get attention.
Fyers web on tab would be really nice and I hope it is easy to extend the support.
Hey @Krushna, Almost everyone only posts issues/queries and clarifications. Out of 10,000+ clients as of now, we very few issues in comparison. We are more visible and interactive online so it comes across like there are many issues. It's totally understandable! But when you appreciate our efforts, it feels good. Thanks!
Seems I used the wrong words to convey my message. What I meant was obviously this is a thread where one would expect people to get their issues clarified and so those will be the only posts, and this was what I wanted to say. As when I was working with my brother in the family business, every time my cellphone rang, it was about some or the other issue -- no one called to tell everything is fine.;)

Tejas Khoday

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@Tejas Khoday - Hi, there seems to be some problem with the data on charts of the following scrip


For 2018, after jan, data directly starts for July month. I've marked with an arrow.

For 2nd jan 2018, the candle OHLC is wrong. So on weekly and daily chart it makes an incorrect bar. Marked that also with arrow.

Request you to pls solve these issues as it is not possible to plot studies correctly on these charts. I've reloaded the charts multiple times and also logged in/out from my Fyers account several times, just to see if it get solved. But it dosen't.
1. Data for Aarti Industries for the reported period has been populated. You can check here.

2. Data for Britannia Industries for the reported period has been updated. You can check here.

Hope this helps.