Frustrated with RelianceMoney!!

Thanks for your comments. Still I am bit confuse of creating multiple demat accounts, is it ok? anyone pls confirm me..
Dear Friends
It is really a nightmare to have a good trading platform, since I have experienced, with number of them.
Now dealing with reliance money management and customer care practically does not exist. IN initial stage the Demo did not open about a year. and no body ever cared to attend in tel ph calls.
Now Insta trade looks to be having a good mkt watch and cheapest.
but be aware number of times order are rejected with out assigning any reason, and customer care dish out silly excuses. on approaching them.
Now ICICI Direct dot com, certainly is the the best( but costliest, )
The trading plate form, learning centre, demo, in initial stage given me a CD, Which is even today extremely use full.
therefore all learning and trg for cash,margin, future and option can be done even by a beginner, and a Demat acct can also be maintained with them A word of precaution their personal service at br specially bund garden at Pune is worst even beyond imagination
and where ever reliance fails one can fall on reliable icici direct.

I shall Discuss other trading sites as and when required
I also have a Account with them. Dont face much problems though , customer care is as good as nothing. Today they launched a new platform , java based Insta trade and its better then Microsoft VM.
Icici i dont even feel like goin to them , with such high brokerages. They also dont provide super cool service , iread in many forums that their site doesnt open in peak times.
I am using Reliancemoney account for the past 3 months and only trading through their online portal, never made any calls for trading and also not used kiosk for trading as well..

When I opened the account Reliancemoney said that there is no transaction commission for buying and selling stocks and this is an offer will be available for one year... so that I traded a lot and today I checked my reliancemoney email, they charged for every transaction of Rs.12/transaction for all these 3 months.. and they taken down all the money from my account.. I am totally axed.. and weird..

I am totally confused with this.. did I misunderstand anything with them or they cheated me?

Now, I like to change the demat a/c to other broker like sharekhan, indiabulls, icicidirect... which one is best? I am a swing trader, which one suits me? Also, should I close the demat account in reliancemoney before opening elsewhere? help appreciated..
Its true dude.. am also cheated by Rmoney... they regularly charged and lots of money run away from my account.. whatever charges they applied they never desclosed it. they change their policy / charges regularly..

am also looking to moved away from this and want to open new demate, can anyone pls let me know how can I transferred all my shares from Rmoney to other demate account? ( which I suppose to open ).


Leave them...dont waste your time and use,they dont improve .