From Where to Start ?

Start from the scratch, first go through the basics of trading. Learn about fundamentals and technical. Once you are comfortable with that then practice on the demo account for some time. Analyze your all trades, your P/L, now if you feel confident then go for the live account.
A newbie should always start with the basic steps of learning where you are going learn from books, tutorials, websites, and other documents for study.
Pick out a few good books on trading (google them and read the reviews), start reading market news regularly, open a demo account and trade on that. Watch educational videos on youtube or enroll yourself for some (free)online trading course. Take baby steps. Once you have sufficient knowledge and experience start live trading.
You can start of by thinking clearly what you are getting yourself into. Forex consumes a man. You should be mentally and psychologically ready for any rainy days. Then, you should learn about the trading techniques. And then finally, you should always do demo account trading.
Read out about trading first, learn the basics then when you think you are ready, try with demo account. And if you think you were successful in demo account, try first with minial amount in the real market.
For a new beginner to start first need to study about Forex market, Currency pair, Forex trends and timeframes. All these things are easily available online. All you need is to have a learning attitude and patience
The basis of all forex trading is the training and choice of a broker. At one time, I stopped at Amarkets, where there are many financial instruments and good technical assistance.
Indeed, you need to start from the very basics and not think that it will be possible to understand everything during trading, so you will just be disappointed and lose money.
For anything you want to do, learning the basics is teh first task. The same goes for trading. Get through with the basics first, do research and then start.

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