From where to start investing?

If you are a beginner, start with SFD. The SFD give a demo account and a free trading platform. In the real stock market do not give. And moving SFD just like the shares themselves.
Thinking about stock investing is the right move for a beginner. I think stock are steadier, but the profit is lower and takes a long time to get something substantial. In my opinion, I think you invest in stocks and get involved in Forex Trading to get more profit. I am not a stock trader because I am not patient enough. I have seen some stock assets on Forexchief platform, but I don't trade. There is a difference between investing in stock and trading stocks. On most Forex broker's platform, you can trade stock as CFDs (Contract for a difference), and you can trade on margin. You should know that the stock market is not as liquid as Forex.
How long have you been using Forexchief broker? I started trading on their platform two months ago and it is a very good place to trade; everything is perfect. I hope it continues this way for a long time. Have you experienced any issues with this broker so far?
You are starting by selecting good broker, how much do you really need is up to you, but you need to set aside some set of the money to be able to make deposit and then try to play a bit with real account and then just withdraw the funds as soon as possible and that's it.
I think you need to start investing in any field if you have the knowledge and experience about the market. Knowledge is the most important thing in the investing world. You must have to become familiar with the market as it is game of ups and downs. Do you agree with me?
From everwhere where your budget really allows you, sounds good with me, what do you really say ? The biggest money are done with stocks still, not with something like forex or binary options. So read some news about something and select companies to invest.
Just make a plan according to your trading goals and first, give the strategies a try in demo account. I won’t suggest real trade directly. Do proper research, be sure of your potential as a trader and then start.
You are new to the market, i suggest you to join trading groups (where there are people who are actually trading), like telegram, start paper trading on their tips, analyse the charts they sent and understand what the chart is actually saying.
As a beginner , you shouldn’t start trading until you have all the knowledge necessary to begin trading. You need to put in a lot of time and effort in understanding how the stock markets work , how prices move in a stock market , regulations etc . You can start by reading some books related to trading , articles in newspapers etc. You can also refer to websites which provide full guide on trading. Once you are thorough with the concepts and terminology , you can then start trading . Initially to get familiar with the trading platforms you can try out demo trading which will help you to explore the features of a trading platform .
Next , formulate a trading plan based on your income, future goals , risk tolerance etc . Choose the stocks wisely and review your trading plan .


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Invest in ETFs or Nifty 50 index fund.
Use martingale strategy liberally.
Presently nifty is around 11000.
Now devide your capital into 5 equal parts.
Use 1 part and invest in etf or nifty 50 index fund.
Keep remaining 4 instalments in debt funds.
Now 2 things happen. Nifty can go down to 10000 or 13000. (I kept upward moment deliberately 2000 points). If nifty moves to 13000 points, exit half of your position and move proceeds to debt fund. If nifty goes down to 10000 convert another part from debt to nifty 50 index fund. No fear of loss at all.

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