From where to start investing?

If you are a beginner you better start with demo account. It will give you better insight of the real world trading with no risks. You’ll be able to learn better.
begin with attaining the knowledge as to what the market is all about. be familair with the basic terms and trading styles. observe the market and make a trading strategy for yourself. then backtest the system on a demo account. get over with your emotions and repeated mistakes. once confident enough, let yourself out in the field for some real play.
If you are a beginner you better start with demo account. It will give you better insight of the real world trading with no risks. You’ll be able to learn better.
My opinion slightly differs in case of demo account.

As the question says "How do I start investing in the stock market as a beginner?"
So investing is continues and time consuming process.
If you want to become rich overnight, adios amigo

First things first
Understand basic concept of market like what is Share, Stock, Nifty, Sensex, Trader, Broker, Brokerage etc

Coming to demo account, start trading with small amount/quantity like 500 to 1000 and get the zest of it.
Unless your real money is involved you will not be serious and will never feel the pain / joy.

Once you are done with above read some articles or take a course for technical analysis and try to analyse few stock and move ahead gradually.

All the best for your Journey ... !!!

In order to starr investment make sure you have enough information about how it works and have enough knowledge about the market where you want to invest, at start try to invest in the market where there is a risk for the loss of investment is low, after some time go for the big fish.
Thinking about stock investing is the right move for a beginner. I think stock are steadier, but the profit is lower and takes a long time to get something substantial. In my opinion, I think you invest in stocks and get involved in Forex Trading to get more profit. I am not a stock trader because I am not patient enough. I have seen some stock assets on Forexchief platform, but I don't trade. There is a difference between investing in stock and trading stocks. On most Forex broker's platform, you can trade stock as CFDs (Contract for a difference), and you can trade on margin. You should know that the stock market is not as liquid as Forex.
To become a successful trader, you should have persistence, dedication, time, and discipline. You must understand the basics of forex trading.
Knowledge, practice and dedication. There is no short way. Start by learning basis of stock market. Them apply your knowledge on demo account and see what are your deficiencies and improve them. Then you can try apply your trading on live account


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The very first step that you shouldn't do is throw away your money. The first thing you need to do is gather all the knowledge you can about the different terms in trading. Trading is a very difficult thing to be successful in. You need to equip yourself with the right tools that is knowledge.

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