From a new student..

Hi friends,

I am new to trade. I donno how to start.. What r the necessary prerequisites, Like Demat a/c, and other frequently used terms. Gimme where to start and how to make (more)money..

Thanks to everyone,
Sasi wallace


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follow following simple steps:

1) Contact a good Brokerage house for opening Demat and trading A/c.
IndiaInfoline , ShareKhan , Arcadia are good. There are many also.
They will guide you regarding your formal procedures. They will also
explain you how and where to place buy and sell orders.

2) Search on internet the following basics:
a) share b) Stock exchange c) BSE and NSE

Rest of the technical know how you will come to know when you trade for about a month.

3) Fundamentals and Technicals are the two main streams that people follow.

Fundamentals: people will have knowledge about company, sector, economy etc.

Technicals: observe chart of prices and trade based on various methods.

4) After a month's trading, come to traderji and read the posts by Saint ' Teach a Man .....' and learn Technical analysis.

If you follow all these steps, you will be starting your journey in stock markets as a TA.

5) Research and fine tune your own methods.

This is a crude and very basic explanation keeping in mind that you dont know anything in stock markets.


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