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Dear Friends,
Its great to be entering such a wonderful and informative forum that all of you have made this to be, presently I am working on a system which can give sure and minimum risk call on futures I have been working and tracking the system on daily basis for last 4 months on 5 stock, till date I have not been proved contrarian to my system, i belive it really works , i will tell you all only after 6 months of my tracking to be extremly confident of my inovations. friends wait till then, in the mean time can you suggest any free software for NSE technical analysis which really works, other than aptistock. thanks
Reply- Have U Checked Gummy Website It Is Having That Sheet Present Already.if U Can Get Some Help From That Site.since There Are So Many Excelspread Sheets Available For Futures & Options Gives Very Good Result.
Hello Every one

I know in this community there will me many software engineers

so why not to come along and create a software which will keep everyone up to date of their share holdings and also show them the charts simultaneously at the same time.

If there is anyone like this which i dunno then please throw out some light on that to me


there are many data venders available in the market who provides live data feeds, even in xls formate also... you can try SpiderIris software... they are software developers as well as data feed vender also. so you can contact him on -

Web side -

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