Free Stock Analysis software with downloader

Hi hasobha,
Have you used the software ?
does it download complete EODs?
With other stock chart softwares like Wordl Stock Charts II data downloaded from yahoo if till current date - 4 days.

If you use it and know well about downloading data please tells us the details.

Thx :)
hasobha said:
Dear Friends
Today I found one site which offer free technical analysis software, which also included stock downloader from yahoo site.
Please look into site ,

I just completed downloading of the above software. But I am not able to get data of NSE in that. Are you using the software to get the buy and sell signals as it claims? I donot know how to proceed from here,if you know please help.
Hi everyone

During surfing I find this software and I liked it, so I have give link for advantage of ouf Forum.

1. This sofware follows yahoo's link for updating data so as download data may be delayed by yahoo's policy. Today i.e. Dt.21.09.2005,I have updated but data updated upto 19.09.2005.

2. For updating NSE stock data, go to download than update stock list. Click in NSE and press ok than software automatically download latest ticker list of NSE. Than one can easily update data.

3. Software gives buy/sell signal for fixed six predifined condition, under insert than Trade Flag.

4. Software also having gan and fibonacci fan/line/arc, etc.

5. One of the great thing is software gives Gann Table for Individual Stock.


Whatever mind of man can concieve and believe, it can achieve !!!
Dear rkanalyst
Sofware is automatically download nse stock from yahoo site. But at present there is no facility to download bse data. (I think at present yahoo is not supporting bse data.)

But if you have data in txt (metastock) format than you can import these data into software.

For MsCmdLineUtilsV1.6.3, I dont know how or why I have to use ?

Friends , Anybody has use this software ? and find useful ? Than my purpose of forwarding link for this software is fulfilled. I liked this software because of its free data download utilities.

Friends, do remember, Profit is depend on one's ability to analyse and act on stock but not on type of software one use. Otherwise everybody become successful without knowing anything about TA or FA of stocks

whatever mind of man can concieve and believe, it can achieve !!!
Hi hasobha,
i am trying to use it but dont have BSE data and not bale to download it either do u have CD of bse-nse2005 group for BSE data.

Still working on collecting data.
How about u ?



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Thanks a lot. It works. It is still in Beta version so there are lots of bugs. Cant use the built-in downloader.It gets stuck.

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