Free NSE EOD & historical data downloader..attached

Hello Friends,

  • Getbhavcopy is an end of day Stock and Indices quotes downloader for NSE.
  • It is capable of downloading historical as well as daily data.
  • The data can be directly imported in Metastock for technical analysis
  • The data is authentic as Getbhavcopy downloads it directly from NSE servers

    So now,
    * Download NSE data at your will, as soon as it is available at NSE servers.
    * Download data for days you have missed.

It is absolutely free.

Edit on 14-Dec-2008

Gebhavcopy version 2.0 has been release. Please use this thread.

Edited on 25-Oct-2007

Getbhavcopy version 1.1 has been released.

Hence I am deleting the version 1.0 file which was attached to this post. Please download version 1.1 from
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What is the procedure to upload the data from "GetBhavCopy" to MetaStock?
with metastock you have the dataconverter utility.
open this from the menubar, select import type file ,in this case ascii, select the appriprite folder where you have saved this bhavcopy,select the destination folder, i.e where your metastock looks or should look, and press ok.

this wil convert all the data for metastock.
the fil format with this download works fine for metastock.

happy trading,
kirti shukla.:)

You can refer to this document.

The help file provided in Getbhavcopy Zip also discusses this.

Total Bankrupt.

Note : Getbhavcopy server is experiencing some problem which will be resolved in approximately one day.
thanks guys for your reply...i hv another (more technology) issue...Actually I am using a company provided laptop to load this data..but seems like the firewall is not allowing this download of data (accessing website directly)..

I get the following error message -
************** Exception Text **************
System.Net.WebException: The underlying connection was closed: Unable to connect to the remote server.

I may be crazy to expect anyone of you to know the answer..but just in case you have faced this problem in the past, do let me know.

Hi Mtrader,

Are you facing this issue each time or today itself. I have created Getbhavcopy and today I am facing some issue with my web service. It will get resolved in a days time.

However if you want to check if the company fire wall is an issue then the best way to find this out is to try to open NSE website in the browser from the company. If it open then there should be no issue for Getbhavcopy to work and download data from NSE server.

In case it works then let me know. I would like to know if there are any bugs left in my software....So that it give YOU a painless experience....
Hi TotalBankrupt,
I am facing this issue for quiet some time now..(i tried another software before this and got the same error with that software as well). Also I can access the NSE website, but still can not use your software to download pricess....find attached error file that I have got (if that is of any help)..

Hi Mtrader,

The error log you attached in the previous mail does not look like my software (Getbhavcopy). The stack trace is completely different. You mentioned something like you using another software. I think you sent me the trace of that software, not mine.

My software is Getbhavcopy that is available in this thread below. (Check the first post of this thread, It contains the zip file)

Alternatively it is also available at

Also you requested about updating data in Metastock. I have attached the document in the mail thread below. It is also available at
Dear friend
Can the data obtained thro this getbhavcoy downloader be used in FchartsSE
program - which is a charting program (freeware version) which was provided by one of our friends in Traderji forum
Dear friend
Can the data obtained thro this getbhavcoy downloader be used in FchartsSE
program - which is a charting program (freeware version) which was provided by one of our friends in Traderji forum
Hi sptrade,

Why not...Just send me the format that is required by FchartsSE ? I will provide it in the next release.


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