Dear Members,

I am new to this place. However while going through the posts here and other places as well I have often come across requests / discussions about getting free data and tips etc. All of us being grown up and responsible people we must realise there are no free lunches. All those data providers / technical analysts also have families to run just like we have ours. Rather if we want to do some serious trading we should be on the look out for people who provide quality services at reasonable rates. I am myself on the lookout for a data provider who provides realtime data. Please help me out.

Hi guys. thanx for all tose postings about every thing STOCKS. could any one of you tell me how to get Historic csv quotes from nse india .com in bulk. without having to
enter one by one.I am trying to replace yahoo data source to nse .would appreciate any guidence in this regard. The software is "equity evaluator."thanx in advance.
online real time data can be taken from spidersoftwareindia .com their mumbai telephone numbers are 91-22-28921507/28921552 they are charging rs 4000-5000 pr mnt for online daTA
I have heard of Viratech but it is very expensive. Spidersoftware is good but will not work with Metastock. I have heard that there is another Data provider called TrendRider. Is it good? Any ideas ? Do they provide a Demo ? What are their charges ?
Spider software should work on supplying a metastock feed!
free bse-nse data and downloader software :
The following yahoo group is free for membership.
They provide bse and nse eod data free for members.

In the files section, they also have kept a free software (downloader) developed by mimansoor for converting data into metastock format.
They also have historical data and they would provide it to members free.
Yahoo provides free data.It can be downloaded in bulk using quote master, but unfortunately yahoo website has recently run into issues and I am unable to download data.

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