Yeah, but it is only a good money to trade with Forex, only if you earn through it and that would be only possible, if you have utter seriousness in it.
Yeah, it would be quite nice if you obtain more than one strategy as if you have more than one strategy you will have more chance to survive in the Forex Trading.
There are many great trading strategies out there. To create a strategy, you will need access to charts which reflect the time frame to be traded, an inquisitive and objective mind and a pad of paper to jot down your ideas.
Yeah its because they don't follow any reasonable plan and trade under influence of emotions which are irrational and force us to make mistakes
Even if you have the plan but if you do not follow Forex rules for risk management then there is no meaning to be a trader in the market.
It's hard for me to get profit from Forex. Stocks is much easier.
Why do you think forex is harder to trade? Stocks are more volatile what greatly limits trading opportunity while forex liquidity makes it possible to use various HFT EAs which don't experience any lags and widened slippage you can observe in stocks frequently.

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