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Thank you for this important information fxgood. The purpose is not of knowing whether Hindi is our National language or not. The purpose of Mr.Edward's effort is to reach the larger audience of india who do not have the means to know and learn about Forex in their mother tongue or the language majority of the Indians speak. If you look at the 2001 census there were around 41.3% of India's Population which spoke hindi and its 2013 now so the hindi speakers might have only increased.
If this search of Hindi videos becomes successful, as Edward said he is a Tamilian he might also make videos for Tamil audience.. What Say Mr. Edward


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I am actually working on a project to take our corporate training online... and that's when got the idea of compiling and adding some vids on forex trading in hindi for the benefit of the new comers...

Anyways thought of shooting few vids tomorrow and uploading... based on the response or the lack of it, we will decide later...

lets get rolling, ... need some encouragement, for some stupid reason beyond me, I am shy in front of the camera like a new bride ;) take care and good night friends.....

God bless you all....


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Truth About Forex Trading 1 Hindi Video

Second Video

The Truth About Forex Trading 1 Hindi Video
Before you venture into Forex Trading there are 5 things you must understand, keep it always at the back of your mind, and be warned off. Entering any kind of trading, Forex or otherwise with 'Wishful thinking' or 'Day Dreaming' is a sure way to lose money. It is our endeavor that you may understand the nitty gritties of Forex Trading, the pit falls of Forex Trading and the Sharks of Forex Trading who are waiting to take you for a ride. Go through the video and also watch part 2 of the video. If you keep these 5 things in mind, then no body can cheat you easily in this word of Forex Trading. Watching this video might save you lacs of hard earned rupees. God bless you.
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Hello Edward,

The technical training programme which i have applicable for all the markets ( Equity , commodity and Currencies mkt) not only focus on forex alone.




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Truth About Forex Trading 2 Hindi

In this episode, we will see how people come with wrong expectations that they get from the Marketing campaings of Forex Brokers, the Greed factor and the financial pressure factor, which results in losses for Forex traders. A New trader should approach the market with Caution and Right Perspective, or else he or she is destined to fail.

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