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Hey Guys,

I'm into forex trading using robots, and I have found out that the most crucial step is the choosing of the forex robot. Nevertheless, there's almost no way to take an informed desicion, all the robots sites look and say the same, "buy me and be a millionaire".

So, I've been trying to find independent third party sites where the robots are being tested on Real Money Accounts, so far I have only found one:, which I really like.

Do you happen to know another?


Jack T.
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I dont think it good to use robat i will prefar to use my brain as campare to robat because it all about money and i will not give my fathers money to some one like robat to make me millanire is this thing are so full proof so why compy who made that will sell that the company can make million out of it. Why he will give it to some one i think we should use our brain and saty away for those kind of thing dont wana hert some one s fealing its my own view if you think its good and can make you millinire in feaw days so you can buy and tell me also i also wana be a billiner .
Fair enough. Nonetheless, I will keep insisting Forex Robots are an option for Traders who do not have the time or skills needed to trade manually.
I believe and I'm making money using robots.
As I said before also, the hard part is choosing the right robot and for that my best advise will be to check Forex Robots - The Best Forex Robots in Live Trading Competition as they're the only ones providing Real Money Accounts results.
Looks like your Robot is programmed in Tamil... and also looks like you need to feed it idlis to trade... otherwise why do you need people only from Tamilnadu for your robot...

Guna, why waste other peoples money for petty commissions... learn trading, here from several good people, Preet is posting live calls, Edward's system is simple and working well for noobs to advanced traders, or you can start with the 3 ema cross by your own Tamil anna or become an IB, there are so many good ways of earning money then selling stupid robots to lazy stupid bums who want a one click answer to all their woes in life...

Think about it.

Any one in tamilnadu intereted in forex robots pls contactme for discussion

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