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hello sirs,

my demo version of fx central stopped working around midnight friday...not working meaning - no real time quotes.

i thought that the forex market is open 24/7 , but have now discovered that it is open 24/5....22 days a week.

does it mean that no real time quotes from friday midnight (approx) is normal and it will start again from monday? what about time zones? when does this weekend start and end indian time?

i thought fxcentral had blocked my account but now i think that may not be the case.

would like some clarity on this please....i am completely new to forex.


so yes forex only works till friday, however some broker s like iqoptions provide OTC data to trade....


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We can only trade crypto currencies on weekends because exchanges allow trading during weekends. But I prefer to trade BTC and other cryptos in regular trading sessions with Hotforex because I have concerns about safety and protection for my hard earned money.
Well by friday midnight it means that it was already saturday and you know that saturday is a weekend. You know that on weekends most people do not work. Even the trades you do are monitored by some people. If these people are not there to handle the trades then some things may not be up to date and that is why you cannot see the realtime quotes.Realtime means that it is updated as it happends. There may not be people to update these things. I mean the IT support guys or the trades have just been closed untill the next week. You have to know that most trades do not take place on the weekends. Only a few trades are carried out during the weekend.
I think that it may be the coronavirus that has affected the market. You do know that it is people that run the servers that youer app uses to run the trades. If they are not constantly being monitored because of a few employees then some trades may not work. Also try to check your network connection. It has to be strong enough. Maybe the speed fluctuates at times. Also check your phone for any trash. Clean the trash and reboot. Sometimes what you need is a restart to keep things running smooth.
Welcome new trader and I hope this helps you. Since you have said that it is an app that is not working I am going to make an assumption that it is a phone app and not a pc. We all know what smartphone appstores offer and the various complaints that users gove after an app has been updated. If you had updated your app then that is the problem. New updates tend to crash most of the time. It may also be a temporary app crash. What you need to do is clear the apps cache and restart your phone. If not then delete then reinstall it.
  • They close the market on Friday afternoon with a ‘closing price’ for each currency.
  • There are no large currency trading markets open on the weekend. Therefore, there is virtually no attempts to trade large amounts of currency.
  • If you do manage to buy currency from Banks or money-changers then they supply you from their own stock of currency which they had bought a few days earlier and will sell at you a slightly high price so as to make profit.


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We can trade bitcoin or binary options on weekends but I prefer to have a rest from my trading during weekdays with hotforex.
Trading the forex market is closed on the weekends because institutional forex traders and large banks (the buyers and sellers of foreign exchange) operate during working hours in the week and take time off on weekends.
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