Forex MegaDroid

Dear Pipbuster,
Please give an idea of what it will cost for installing the Robot trading software. Also you had given data on only profitable trades. What about losses incurred using the same software during this trade period. What is the extent of this part. Please scientifically present all data and the advantage of the new trade tool.
6 December 2011
Please don't bother with EA or robots, you will lose money.

All these are advertisements. if they really worked , forex would be no more.

remember markets are made up people and price move as a result of people's emotions and not robots.

stay away from all kinds of robots.
About a month ago, I decided to go live combining two commercial scalpers, Forex Megadroid (EURUSD) and PipJet (USDCAD), with their default settings on an FX Choice STP account. After just this one month, my account is already up 12.5% of net profit with no major drawdowns:

I have to say the latest MD version 1.40 has proven to be really robust so far. Plus, the nature of the markets this year and their overall tendencies appear to be a lot more favorable for night scalpers like these ones. Proper broker selection is also of essence - hence, the reason I went with FX Choice which accepts the US customers while offering high leverage of 1:200 and tight spreads that are a lot smaller than those offered by the MD partner brokerage FinFX.

I'd love to hear from the other MD/PipJet users here. Consider replicating my approach if you wish.

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