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Please post some details on "Guest Login"
How it works and how to do it etc. etc.
Hi @tradermodified! A guest login is a feature that allows users to access the platform without having an account with us. Users can login to the platform to check the features but can not place a trade. To use this feature, install ShoonyaApp> Login as Guest> Enter Email ID> Enter OTP and you are good to go. For more details, kindly reach out to our support, we'll have one of our executives get in touch to assist you better. Regards


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Hi @Infooo! Please note, settlement for intraday trades in FNO is T+1, so you can take payout the next working day. On the same day, you can withdraw the remaining amount after deducting the peak margin. Regards
Hi Finvasia, as per circular now instead of 4 snapshot on a day peak margin would be calculated on beginning of day only... now if my peak margin is 0 in beginning of day.. even if i take intraday trades my peak margin would be zero . this way I should be able to put pay out order for all of my Available cash ? correct me if i m wrong .. as currently payout is only limited to available cash minus peak margin



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In your official YouTube channel you have mentioned that trader has to pledge on the same segment to use the collateral margin.

I have pledged my shares last year, while pledging, I selected exchange code 12 and segment code AL for all segment according to your video guide available that time.

So can I continue trading in F&O segment or do I have to repledge shares changing the segment code to FO from AL?
Hi! Please note, you can continue to use margin in FnO but if you want to use the same in CASH/ Currency/ Commodity, then you'll need to pledge separately. For more details, please visit the given link-


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And we are not done yet!:cool:

We are pleased to announce our partnership with True Data (Option Decoder).

Options Decoder is a feature-rich real-time FnO analysis & trading platform that includes Live Options Chain, Advanced Strategy Builder, PE-CE Difference, PCR Chart and much more.

To know more, please visit:

As always, feel free to reach out to our live chat support, we'll be happy to assist.


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finvasia shoonya platform down since market opening.oreders getting stucks losted 40000rs due to this.
Hi @jaykdodiya! We regret the inconvenience you had to face. We deeply value our clients' continuous support. Our priority is to give you a pleasing & seamless experience and we are making all efforts to offer the same. Kindly share your client code, we'll have one of our executives get in touch regarding your concern. Regards