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idont know to cuzz finvasia or not lol
yesterday it dint allow me to buy todaymarket down i bought in truck load few min ago 17000 ce june call ;xD

finvasia is lucky for me in weired reason zzzzz

bought at 1:00 pm sold all at 1;30 all done .
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Read soo many questions here on FANVASIA. Felt like a good platform it is!

I found one root cause of thinking your platform is not good.

"Real free charge trading"

I know the ower has started this platform for a good purpose by giving 0 brokerages on all, but you need to understand that this is where doubts come.

You also don't tell what are your total expenses and what are total earnings to see what is your financial status. That creates doubt in people's mind that they might be selling our data or recording the positions retail traders take and doing something out of them and many more.

But, a better solution is to charge Rs1/ trade, people will not mind paying such the lowest fee and it will satisfy them that at least they are earning something and they will not run.

This will help to upgrade your services too, Rs1/trade on all is also treated as 0 fees for retail traders like me.

The reason even after giving soooo many good things, is that Finvasia doesn't come in the top 10 brokers according to clients' base? Even Zerodha become 1st by saying 0 brokerages on equity. But see you are giving 0 on all, still so lack because the world works on personal benefits system. Zerodha, upstox, etc gave money or % share of brokerage to those who promote their them.

But as you have 0 brokerages then what will you give to others when people question on your existence.

So the solution is charge 1 or 2rs /trade on all segments and give 25% to 50% what ever suits you to the person who promote you.

Then see, i can guarantee zerodha / upstox, angle, etc will be nothing in front of you.

I trade only 1 banknifty lot, but if you charge me rs10 max (buy and sell) of 1 order then i have no problem. And i think no one will have. Just keep equity free, and put the fee of 1 to 10 per order in f&o and currencies


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Finvasia used to be the only zero brokerage broker that is not the case anymore more players are jumping into this segment flattrade mstock etc ...(brp bro said)

i sent email to mstock asking them whats span for 1 lot of nifty lets see what they reply

normal broker for 16th may charges 1 lot of nifty 98761

OUR Finvasia charges 102910 so 4 k more lol
Mstock broker nifty span ?? soon we will know mstock amc is 0 too

some how i prefer mstock as ceo is south korean and has branches in many countries
there is another broker too
they too have zero amc and charges only 99681.00 for 1 lot of nifty

So finvasia it be hard to retain customer that trade futures ....unless you chnage your span margin and make them normal as other zero amc brokers

Suder jao abhi bhi time hai else customer will go away haha
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1. What is the haircut on liquidbees and other liquid ETF?

View attachment 47681

3. So around 3-4% extra on Margin on Derivative position and 15% extra from Haircut, lets average 18-19%.
Are you re-using this extra fund collected to resell margin somewhere else like margin funding? Maybe institutional etc ?
Hi @travi! Please note, the haircut on liquid bees and other ETFs is levied as per the exchange. Also, we don't use clients' margin anywhere else. Kindly reach out to us for any other query. Regards