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I am trying to login and it is saying that client is suspended. Contact Helpdesk. Tried to reach customer support. Not able to connect with reps. I am carrying a position of 1.1 lacs option with todays expiry. It is very risky and totally unacceptable. Please do unblock my account asap.
Hi @nifty50trader! Kindly inbox your client code, we'll have someone from the team get in touch regarding the concern. Regards


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I have 2 account in finvasia 1 i gave for beta
Adding Average rate and allowing multiple login in mobile and desktop app is ++++ Thankyou for that

why cannt i save charts in trading view from mobile like 50 days dma 100 days dma 200 dma
so evey timei log i have to add those indicator Manually EVERY TIME EACH DAY

While submitting order
Buy button is slide button Why who are we impressing BEST choise was Tap to buy like in old shoonya app
SLIDING buy button while submitting takes 1 sec whole as WE TAP+DRAG Slide so not in Traders favor
Tapping buy button like in old shoonya button takesonly 1/100 1 tenth sec to submit order .

and PASS expiry is 15 days in new beta that needs to be updated to 90 day . who wnats to chnage pass in 15 days ty

BSE NSE tab is too close to buy sell if u are left handed then in mistake u can clcik bse and buy share in bse :(

BUy sell button is way up .. why not put buy sell button down so THUMB can reach easily like you had in old shoonya app

No 5 day delivery volume? 30 days volume guess we said bye to that ? that was useful for knowing average volume traded
No more Fii daily data in app lol

1 more thing you want to add funds u be redirected to web browser on mobile
Come on even old shoonya had in app money trasfer ...

again for ipo too u be redirected to

no quaterly result ? lol only year on year fundamental in app.... so better to remove that feature no one uses that

in old shoonya app it asked pin u put pin it will auto go in app. IN THIS NEW BETA we need to press login button :(
From what i see they have hired some 10th class kid to program a mobile interface which takes and send data from so moment that http is down mobile be down as well BAD

If given option to revert back to old shoonya app i be happy to go back to old shoonya app

Hi @Vmaster369! Thank you for your valuable feedback. We will have these suggestions forwarded to the concerned team for future updates. Regards


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@Finvasia bhai customer care ka kuch tumhara call center call utha ta hai ....and chat support pai 50 min ka wait.
Been loyal customer for 4 years...but never faced this type of service from u guys
Hi @ankurm84! We've been informed that one of our executives got in touch regarding your concern. Please feel free to reach out to our support for any further assistance. Thanks


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Dear TJ Members!

Here are the steps to follow while logging into Tradetron with Shoonya Beta. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to our support. We are always here to help.

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anybody using Tradetron raise hand
NO one uses traetron we are with you coz u dont charge brokerage simple as that
i know your secreat you earn with penelty . you dont even inform client and will debit penelty even in cnc

NO email to inform that penelty is charged
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Hi can any one tell what was actual margin for crude on 26/11/2021.
Shifted to shoonya beta.. seems little better than shoonya but still way more things need to be rectified to make it even better
yes true. Most things are good . But keep eye on order punching and processing time and please share your experience. I already shifted.