Not from Finvasia. You need margin because stock will be mandatorily delivered. Z doesn’t even allow buying stock options on last 4 days , you are supposed to buy next month options.
if we read definition of option buying it is right not obligation. If we sell then it become obligation. That's why it's named option. Sebi may be make new definition for option buying as atyachar of Sebi and Cg on small businessmen and retailers at charam. In India everything is fake. Gdp, economy wealth etc. Only money in pocket of few businessmen rest all are destroyed like slow poision. What was happened with me was very exotic. Only one put is not allowed in which I made profit rest all is allowed below it even when itm. Because of this I done blunder and trapped in bnf but lucky 90℅ gap down but if not my game over. As last month was big cheating in puts even same level achieved on same day but huge premium eating.
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your shoonya desktop even after update doesnt save studies lol like moving average thats basic necessity
and your chart adding indicator is broke .
try adding moving average chart will auto go in 2 hrs time frame and wont even add it

And thx on option margin lol
so no more earning from me as penelty lol as u blocked option square off and taking instantly cash Eq position
jokes on you coz on Monday market be down so i am get stocks cheaper lol
Was at big risk but saved and in profit which I missed because of all this. Jo Mila wahi sahi. But due to stupid rules near margin have to suffer.
Hi @Finvasia , Since so many users are complaining of the buggy and fat Shoonya Desktop, do you have any plans of allowing the lean and light original NEST Trader to your clients?

As a guy who moved to Finvasia because I very frequently adjust my positions, not having access to a stable platform, and even more so - no ability to place basket orders, it's defeating the entire purpose
What's happening today morning. Cant place orders on Shoonya mobile or desktop. Getting rejected.