What is multicast option for connection in shoonya ?


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Strange. I was able to sell the share bought on Friday. Went to holding, saw under T1 and got edis Pop up. Sold.
Good to know.
I had no overnight positions .
but morning got notification in the shoonya app that can do BTST .
Today did not carry overnight positions.
But soon in a day or two will check out whether BTST works or not.
If the buy shows as T1 ,Then system will pop out CDSL for TPIN+OTP& placing the CNC sell order.
GTT order placement is working.
Placed a GTT buy of Bankbee & NIftybee before market open .But market did not go so low. so it was not traded.
But via GTT in Zerodha sold my overnight Bankbee longs.


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GTT in Finvasia strange !
I place daily GTT buy orders in Zerodha (only for bankbees& Niftybees as AMO is not allowed for ETF's & also can not place orders during 9.00am-9.07am .)
some time I get lucky if I get the opening low or high print .
By 9.17am if triggered & traded it will show under bought or sold . (traded/executed )

if not I cancel pending GTT sell /buy orders "even if triggered but not traded " .
Then trade them as MIS if buy or CNC normal sell watching the tape.
In Finvasia today I placed a impossible buy order Bankbees at 350.15 (trigger 350) & similar act in Nifty bee.
Finvasia system was not allowing me to cancel which I do in zerodha everyday ( I mean un traded GTT orders even it is triggered) .
I let it run till end of the day as Bankbee @ 350.15 is not probable today . but even if it trades I was willing to keep it overnight.
Finvasia has to get the GTT order software right. Triggered is not executed .
Iam guessing the order should drop off after 6pm.
Tomorrow is another day. Bankbee can open 10points down also. (BankNifty opening 1000 points gap down ) .
For me GTT is only for ETF's which can not be trade as AMO or premarket &that too my GTT life span is not beyond 9.17am if not executed.
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what happens if guy dont have poa and they put GTT order
GTT order gets executed next day WILL IT GO IN auction?

mbhardwaj82 you have give poa to finvasia or no

Wait what so BTST are allowed now on finvasia with no poa ? ?
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@Finvasia got email that GTC, GTD orders available in all segments but when I checked on web portal and on desktop application ..its not there!! how to place GTC GTD in delivery orders?

@Finvasia one more thing, I saw "Margin" and "MTF" options in PRODUCT while placing delivery order. how to use them? what are the terms and conditions?


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Finvasia update
1) Non POA clients CDSL pop out for CNC sell order-e-Dis is working during market hours.(not during AMO & no blanket authorisation like zerodha , one by one CNC sell order have to authorise in CDSL with Tpin+otp. But the process works all right however painful)

2) Finvasia GTT is working. but software is not ok. you can NOT edit un traded GTT orders unlike zerodha.
so no more GTT in Finvasia .only in zerodha.
(I place GTT orders only for Niftybee & Bankbee at 8.50am (as not eligible for AMO or during pre market)& delete GTT sell or buy by 9.16am if not traded .
For me GTT order useful life span is only 30 minutes max (though it is valid for 1 year .

3) according to updates by fellow forum members here BTST is working in Finvasia .
Iam yet to verify BTST working smoothly in Finvasia (it was not next day but only following day only for me till last week)

One member mentioned here Finvasia system not allowing BTST next day & finvasia is asking him to contact support !!

I think it is not 100% fool proof (like zerodha) to see your overnight purchases under T1 next day {then only then Finvasia system will pop out cdsl to place a cnc sell order}
I will update here when I do BTST.
Only when the market is in extreme fall & I have already used my entire balance in zerodha by 3.2opm, then only I start using the money lying in Finvasia for BTST buy. otherwise I keep the full Finvasia balance only for daytrading.


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1) overnight stock CNC buy's in Finvasia are now showing next day in T1 now (earlier it will show up only the 2nd day)
Friday close I kept one stock buy to check out BTST. It was showing in watchlist as T1.on saturday irself.
so Monday morning 9am I will place a CNC sell order & check whether CDSL pop out for Tpin+otp works smoothly.
If this process is smooth ,I will confidently trade in Finvasia till 3.29 pm (but convert MIS to CNC by 3pm to be safe ( if you want to keep it for BTST)

2. Few days ago I tried GTT on bankbee (but too a low price & not traded. Monday I will try again with a tradeble opening bottom . But last time could not edit un traded GTT . In zerodha I place 2-3 layered GTT buys on bankbee,Niftybee + GTT sell if I have overnight stock quantity.
But if AMO GTT not traded by 9.16am(even if it is triggered),
I cancel all & trade them as regular MIS if buy & regular cnc limit sell (not trigger price+ limit price unlike a GTT order)
I place GTT in exe desktop before market open. after that only android app. GTT orders shows up in android app.


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Finvasia BTST is working all right.
(for Non POA client with CDSL tpin+otp during only market hours . no blanket authorisation . one by one have to authorise via CDSL . but still better than before ) (still prefer GTT at Zerodha.)
Now I have more confidence in Finvasia & I will add more funds & icrease no of trades im finvasia (reduce in zerodha)

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