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1.GTT/GTC will have to try placing Bankbee/Niftybee buy on Monday 8am AMO time to check it works !

2.In twitter Finvasia twitter hand is claiming BTST is on.... I doubt it ....

3. In Finvasia CDSL popop out to enter eDis+OTP not works during AMO .
But it works during pre market (9.00am-9.07am) But not BTST right now. Last I used on Tuesday 9th March to sell Bankbees bought on 5th march Friday close.

If what they claim now is true - I will be happy to do BTST next day from 9.00am .(Though you have to sell in Finvasia all CNC stocks one by one with each quantity order needing Tpin+OTP .(unlike zerodha's blanket permission for all cnc stocks during AMO time with any one scrip sell with tpin+otp)
Now I am scared of buying in Finvasia beyond 2.30pm & buy in zerodha.
Infact I take losses in Finvasia & open the same poitions in Zerodha in CNC if I wish to keep for next day.
If Finvasia BTST claim is true , (I doubt it ) I will just close all Intraday orders in Finvasia from 2.30pm & start trading in CNC with out fear of getting struck with quantity for 48 hours.

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So GTT/GTC is not live yet? I could not see any such option on shoonya web
1)I opened shoonya desk top today afternoon. There is a GTT buy/sell option is there .
tomorrow will place a buy order & see it executes (basically trying to get the opening print) .(as it involves full cnc margin, if GTT does not trigger by 9.16am , will cancel GTT & buy in MIS if it is a buy . since No BTST yet (unlike Finvasia's claim in twitter) , no overnight buy most of the time.
2)I updated shoonya android app also today .
3.Did not open shoonya web. I like desktop exe however slow(it crashes after couple of hours running) as it creates a "sound" when order is executed. (like zerodha) Shoonya App nothing when order is traded & does not even update "as traded "most of the time.
we have to try to cancel or edit ,then it will say"traded" & move to traded tab!

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