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The shoonya web is a highly diluted version of Scalpert. use it for order placement only.
finding the option strike price is like finding a needle in a haystack.

the desktop is better, but lacking in charting and other very basic functions.
the people who designed shoonya have never risked 1 rupee in trading and have no idea what is needed vs what they have provided starting with the 128MB exe.

advice for finvasia- it needs a major redesign --don't feel shy to look at Pi and blindly copy it.

after seeing shoonya, other brokers are throwing parties and celebrating everyday.

Please don't create this kind of thread when you are tooo busy to answer. I believe you should be actively responding to the queries at the time when sooper dooper platform - ZERO (i mean Shoonya) is launched and many traders above has asked so many questions regarding your new invention.

Anyways Please try to make the platform more stable. We can't afford to take now the extra tension of placing the orders when already so much is going in the mind during trading hours.

To all my fellow traders - Request you to install ZERO (i mean Shoonya app as well on mobile). Today when the desktop version was down for around 10 mins , the app was working perfectly fine.

Happy trading !

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