Finvasia offers CDSL Easiest - so need to use DIS/e-DIS... Watch the steps here for off-market transactions
Do you mean to say that if Easiest is being offered then e-DIS is not required?? or you mean to say that Easiest is better than e-DIS??
e-DIS is different, its new and much better and safer!! and lets not debate on that.
even @Finvasia was working on e-DIS and my query is how much time more it will take for @Finvasia to introduce e-DIS because they are working on it for long


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e-DIS is different, its new and much better and safer!!
DIS/e-DIS - Others can view your data!
Easiest - only between you and the party whom you transfer securities under secure Depository login!
Which is safe?

On contrary to e-DIS, Easiest is very fast like IMPS money transfer. If used during market hours, and if CDSL to CDSL, it happens instantly....
e-DIS is different
Purpose of DIS - Transfer securities using physical remittance
Purpose of e-DIS - Transfer securities using digital remittance
Purpose of Easiest - Transfer securities using depository's portal

I see two common words - "Transfer securities"
Both e-DIS and Easiest are hassle-free...
lets not debate on that
my query is how much time more it will take
Who is debating, I thought if you are in hurry go through the video and transfer your securities using Easiest, same thing, that's all...
Hi, I have reached out to support as well but thought might get more solution here. I am having connection error issues on NEST platform. Its working fine for me on my other broker NEST platform. I tried adding inbound ports in windows firewall settings as well. Also. how do I modify or cancel AMO order on scalpert?


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Would the 50% cash margin not cover the MTM losses?
Hi @Sloth! If you have sufficient cash margin in your account, losses will be covered from the available cash. In case the MTM loss is more than cash available, then collateral is sold once total loss reaches 80% (cash and collateral combined). Regards
Hi @adam101! You cannot use collateral/pledge margin to buy equity delivery. Kindly note we are working to make eDIS available to client. Regards
eDis already implemented ? Kindly update here or in twitter when eDis is operational & the procedure to apply. ( In Zerodha I got eDis to the registered email). when eDis is operational (with no POA on record ) , can deposit more funds to trade cash equity on CNC basis . right now only able to trade currency & commodity futures under overnight trade (NRML) mode.

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