Contract notes are being sent out at the end of every trading day. We advise you to check your spam or junk folder once and if you still can't find the email, please inbox us your client code and we'll resend it.

Also, please note, contract notes are available in Prism - Contract Note. You can refer the attached screen. Thanks


whether finvasia provides e-dis facility of CDSL? zerodha went live with this in 2019. RKSV, Groww, Upstox etc. also provide this facility. Recently CDSL has introduced TPIN system as well in e-dis.
if e-dis is enabled then delivery trading can be done without PoA but with same speed and convenience.. online enabling is to be done by client only once in 90 days.
what is the status in finvasia?
Dear TJ Members!
This is a reminder that uniform Stamp Duty shall be applicable from 1 July 2020 on all exchanges. To know more, visit at and click “Stamp Duty” - Revised charges of Stamp Duty Effective from 01 July 2020

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Hello Finvasia,

My client id is FA14985,I haven't received my yesterday contract Note like previous weeks(received later after sending mail to back office),i suppose there are glitches in your mail delivery system as i noticed inverted commas on both side of mail id in failed delivery system.

Can you please check?

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Finvasia bhaiya do something about contract notes. We know that there is a spam folder too in our inbox and we check that too. If email bounce or is not sent from your end even spam folder won't show any email by magic. Problem is not on clients email end but your end, please fix it instead of asking us to check spam folder. Also, Prism needs improvement, unnecessarily time and data is wasted and most times Prism doesn't works. If not, we all would be happily downloading contract notes from Prism. And anyways, brokers are bound to send contract notes and not that customers are bound to download. Hope you understand. Thanks. :)

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