Financial Information about stocks


I searched various sites to get information I am looking for.

Basically I want to search financial statistics based on P/E of the company and/or EPS and/or Price. ALl these components in a range.

e.g. I want list of shares which is being traded between Rs. 1 and 20 with P/E below 5 and EPS above 5 . Like this query.

I can't find any where which provide information like this. I am looking to get this info for free and not by paying.

Basically I am part of a small group of investors and we are planning to select about 30-35 stocks in which we can invest and get decent returns. We are not looking for blue chips as we have already inested 30% of our funds in these.

Thanks for any tip and information.

Thanks and regards,

Vijay Nair

Here is the way to get financial information free of cost. You can enter all the companies in to a portfolio of yahoo finance. For this you need to know the yahoo symbols. The list of symbols for most of the companies is posted in this site. All you have to do is copy those symbols when you set up the portfolio.

Have a nice investment.

Hi Guys
Check out this: It has got a screener like you want. You can do advanced screening using their ADVANCED STOCK SCREENER.

Also check out this: They also have screens based on PRICE, VOLUME, INDUSTRY and MISCELLANEOUS screener which gives you scrips OUTPERFORMING and UNDERPERFORMING NIFTY.

And all this is FREE :)


Active Member
Thanks everybody. The point is that the companywise data is given very well in sites like and where a 5 year comparison of the same company is given.

One also has magazines like capitalmarket and dalalstreet where one can compare the comapany data of one Industry but only of the current year.

What one wants is a combo of the two- both industrywise and a 5 year comparison of all major parameters like dividend history, EPS etc to know the total picture. Anybody on that?
Hello vijay
Any TA software would give you stocks between 1-20.But I dont know about PE and EPS.I think for that you will have to spend quite some time on the net or access it from the magazines.
Hello Vijay ,

The shares you are ascertaing you should first go throught the managment of the low price shares , the product handled by those low price and their clientale and in the market the voulme of the shares is good index for immediate shift in price and current industry performance in ascending or descending order. Then their expansion target,in production and employees are all good point before u enter hoit water.

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