Filtering stocks from RM singhs google drive for use


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A big thanks to RM singh for sharing data

The following code will copy files present in f:\stocks\datacode\modfl_2.txt from src folder to dest folder. It will maintain the folder structure present in source folder.

The format for modfl_2.txt is as follows

rem @echo off
set src_folder=f:\Stocks\midata\2019
set dst_folder=f:\Stocks\mydata2019

for /f "tokens=*" %%G in ('dir /ad /b /s "%src_folder%"') do (
for /f "tokens=*" %%i in (d:\stocks\datacode\modfl_2.txt) do (
echo d | xcopy /S/E "%%G\%%i" "%dst_folder%\%%~nG"
rem echo "%%G\%%i"
rem echo "%dst_folder%\%%~nG"



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The above script is useful if after downloading the file for entire month for all stocks you wish to have files only for select group of stocks
Let me first say thank yoiu for sharing this. I have tried so many filtering options but I have never got the right one like this. You hvae truly got our back. I do not know why google docs has such limitations. They should upgrade their stats and get serious with their docs. The fact that it is free means that I should not be complaning but what in the world anyway.

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