Fchart Formula

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http://www.spacejock.iinet.net.au/files/begin.php (imports sample data included with the program)
http://www.spacejock.iinet.net.au/files/begin2.php (add one ticker and download some data for it)
http://www.spacejock.iinet.net.au/files/begin3.php (download and import a sample database)
http://www.spacejock.iinet.net.au/files/begin4.php (download and import a file containing fundamental data)
http://www.spacejock.iinet.net.au/files/begin5.php (allocate all those companies to their GICS sectors)
http://www.spacejock.iinet.net.au/files/begin6.php (how to keep your database up to date)
http://www.spacejock.iinet.net.au/files/begin7.php (how to tidy your database to speed up your program.)
Dear Himadri,
I may be posting this in the wrong thread as the thread is mainly dedicated to FCharts Formulas. But since I saw a couple of posts on the general F Charts topics I am posting my querries here. I have installed paid version of FCharts Pro and have by trial and error installed the historical EOD collected from Yahoo BSENSE 2005 group(now known as 'Desi Trader Mall').
1)In BSE data base the chart shows only numerical tickers in the heading bar, how to get the chart to show thr numerical ticker as well as company name in the title bar? How to sort the data in different folders like constituents of different Indices on BSE and NSE?
2) How to adjust the data base for BSE and NSE for Merged Symbols, change in symbols, the splits, bonuses, rights etc?
3) Is there any PDF format Users Manual for FCharts Pro available on web site or with you which I can purchase
Thanking you,
I recently purchased FCharts Pro and seriously studying your replies and formulas in this post. I haven't yet reached a level to ask doubts. But I have to say that you are very helpful to others. Your replies are very detailed (like a teacher to a student) so that even a beginner like me would understand. I wish you all success in your life.
Can anyone share the Fchart manual. i am trying to create some formulas, its difficut without manual.

email me gvijay73atyahoo.com

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Can anyone pls tell me whether it is possible to scanstocks which exhibit particular candlestick pattern (ex. piercing candle) thro formula in fcharts SE?

I am new to fcharts. Pls help.


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