Failed Trader starting again.

Hi everybody,

I am back. I used to trade for a brief time and lost all my money. Initially i was cautious and made good money but later on began doing lots of bullshit thinking, got arrogant, my gambling instinct was in high gear, and basically i was doing everything i shouldnt. i put more money in another account with another broker, but lost all the money becoz of the trading done by my broker.

I made some bad land investments and got involved in a court case and had to go through basically a hard time in the last 1.5 years. Now all my financial problems are solved and i would like to enter. I know that making money is very difficult, but i like trading and hope that the seniors will guide me.

I am basically looking to target SMA 3 and SMA 15 crossover trading style.

With all your blessings,



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