F Charts Down Loading Eod Data


I would like to know from where to down load and use the software.
I have also heard about "Aptistock" software, which one is better.

Dear H R Nayak.
EOD can be downloaded daily from nseindia.com or otherwise if you want there are so many NSE EOD downloader available in this forum. Kindly refer those links.
Respected Sir,
I'v downloaded F Charts can't download NSE data in it. Please guide me.
Thank you Sir.
cordially yours
1.Save nse tickers in to csv text.(If you have any doubt regarding the correctness of nse ticker kindly down load bhav copy which is in the opening page of nseindia.com and verify or else under the historical data section there is one button for symbol look up.) Save the nse tickers in the csv format and save it in folder with a name like nse ticker or the one which you like.

2. Open FC Chart programme, click on the button IMPORT&EXPORTon the left side of the chart. When click on the button there you will see a pop up showing 5 buttons, you click on the button other there you can see a button import ticker, click on it,there you can see the pop up, as per the pop up window you choose the nse ticker file (in csv format which we mentioned in the above paragraph) and click open. The 1st session is over. You can view the nse tickers on the chart on the top of the chart .

The second part of the programme is down loading data,which can be accessed either from nseindia.com or yahoo finance .com. Downloading data from yahoofinance .com some times faces difficulties so the easiest and cheapest way is downloading historical data from nseindia.com, the data are available from 94 onwards and authentic also.

1. download historicaldata from nseindia .com of a scrip say for example ,ACC,from 1st jan 2004 to 26th nov 2005. Down load ACC ticker from nseindia.com and which is available to you in csv format, open the csv file of acc change total traded quantity to volume and save in the same csv format and save this in a file with a name not exceeding 12 characters it is important.
2. Open FC chart click on the import export button on the pop up under settings you change the ticker length to required number (usually min 2 max 12).Below that change the date(ie from the start to the end of the file),below that click on the buttondont add new companies click on it other wise in future all the tickers in the bhav copies will appear in list, to avoid this always click on the above button , next click on the button import price file there you can open the saved historical price of the file which you saved, here, ACC for example, and select the file open and the chart is ready.
3. The next part is down loading daily price from nseindia.com; for this you down load bhav copy for the day and make some changes in the bhavcopy ie the format of the file should be in the following sequence ie tickername ,date,open ,high ,low,close,volume always change Traded quantity to volume otherwise volume will show 0000and save the bhav copy in a folder; click on the import export button,click on the importprice filebutton, chang date in the box,tick the dont add new company button,and finally click importprice file button, that day file is saved in the chart like this you can ad every day prices in to the chart.

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