Excels for Help, in trading !!!


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Intraday 1Min/5Min/Hourly Data v2.1

While dealing with technical analysis software, many times we skip few quotes
due to problems like Network failure, Electricity failure, Computer shut down etc.
and at those we need instant backfill.
As nowadays google has stopped its api for datafeed So here is my helping hand
for those who need intraday data.
Sheet supports 1 min (1000 candles) , 5 min (900 candles) and hourly data (500 candles).
Category A stocks around 200 in number, are supported in cash.
As I am distributing here, free of cost, so there is a time limit of 1 stock download per 5 min
and only NSE Cash is supported in free version.

Kindly share your experience here.

Visit: https://tinyurl.com/22737191
(Kindly dont edit the sheet and click 1 stock every 5 min)



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Stocks Breakout Levels (Lite) v3.0

Breakout levels for buy/Sell with proper Entry levels, Stoploss and Targets
Lite version, free for use and will work till 31 Dec 2022
Scans 200+ stocks and have very high success rate.
Backtested for 150 trading days with average daily return of 1-3%
Display at top if stock is in Buy/Sell zone
Display cmp to check how much is delay in displaying Buy/Sell zone
Full connectivity with Amibroker
Use amibroker to scan stocks in realtime.

Please try and comment your experience.



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Nifty BeBu System
Version: Dextus (1.0)

I have prepared so much for stocks that many of my friends
commented that Index seems neglected.
So here's my project that was prepared in 2016 for Index trades.
All you have to do is, feed price of Nifty / Banknifty futures at
09:15:30am or at the max 09:16am
This system will display you Buy / Sell level for futures.
Have a look and post your experience....
Download: http://bit.do/22737175


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