excel to metastock

friends.. 5 paisa tt has feature which can export data tick by tick in the excel sheet..
it is known as ddl 2 excel.
i m posting its format..
is some one know i an use this data on metastock or any other software



Super Moderator
You can use the downloader that comes with metastock to do this.

Open the Downloder, go to tools->convert

Specify the Source File type (as excel), Folder, and File name information for the source and destination files in the Convert Securities dialog.

Click on the Options button to specify any special instructions regarding the source and destination files.

After you have completed the dialog, click the OK button to begin the conversion process.

Locate the converted file in the specified Destination Folder.
dear members and traderji..
please look at data file .. in this excel form it coming and price chnages automatically..
now tell me how can i import this in to metastock or wealth-lab format.



Is there any try before to convert excel data file *.csv format from the MetaTrader software (www.northfinance.com) to metastock? It show error No header string. Is there anybody know about the header string? What string to be key on the header of excel file? thanks

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