Entry Load on existing purchase


I had started investing in ICICI PRU TAX PLAN (G) & FRANKLIN TEMPLETON TAXSHIELD(G) in 2006 in the form of monthly SIP of 3000 each. Till now there has been 80-84 transactions in each fund.

In 2006, there was entry load on each purchase. I just checked that entry load is getting charged to me now as well. When i asked customer care of both companies, they told me that after 2008, entry load was waived off.
They also told me that for new registrations after 2008, it is not charged by default whereas exisitng customers has to give a written request for stop charging. I was not aware of this thing & neither any company informed me individually on this.

Is there any way in which i can claim my entry load back from these companies on transations done after 2008 as it was not levied by SEBI?

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