Enhanced MACD

This indicator is written by VTL(VertexFX Trading Language).

The indicator is a trend following indicator.
This is momentum-type indicator so you know how to buy or sell in the right time.
You can use it to catch moving in trend market.May be in range market it is not good to use.

The indicator use Stochastic, RSI to generate signal.
This indicator uses Stochastic with periods 8,3,3 and RSI 3 cross RSI 13.
it use a confirmation trend macd cross zero.
If both are crossing together then you will shall view the signal to open position
so you just need to open position.

You can set sl to arrow of signal in the chart.
And you can close position when you look opposite signal.

While use the indicator you can look two messages in left of chart.
condition still good : it mean market momentum is keeping to right direction.
so, you can keep position while you can look this messages.

overbought,,dont op but take profit : when market is overbouth or oversold, you can look
this messages. it is good time to take profit or start trailling to keep profit.

please use it avobe 30min time frame to catch good moving.



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