Employee aspiring to be A FULL TIME TRADER

Watchlisg for option buying on 27.06.2023:

2. SBIN 550CE
3. INFY 1260CE


1. INFY: Loss -8520

No trade in other stocks.

Not seen the markets yesterday. I was in impression that 28.06.2023 is a holiday. Later came to know that markets are opened yesterday and closed today. So, no trading on 28.06.2023.
Cumulative Performance in July 2023 Week 2: Able to control emotions better than the previous week. Returns seems extremely well and I am a bit scared to see these numbers. Took 5 trades in this week and should stick to this number in the coming weeks. Target is 10K per trade and maximum allocation is 4 lakhs per trade. Lets see how long this winning streak would last.



Final Result July 2023: Highest profit earned in a single month. Lot of improvement in trading psychology. This is the first time I was operating in option buying for a complete month. Still Long way t become over all profitable. Next update will be provided on 15.08.2023..