Elwave 7.6 - Excel DDE Integration help required

Can someone please guide me how to integrate Elwave 7.6 with REAL TIME ticks with Excel using the DDE feature.

I was able to integrate "ONE SCRIP ONLY - with one instance of Excel" open. Say for example, for Nifty, I opened one instance of Excel with the filename as Nifty.xls which works fine.

But there are a few queries with regards to the same and extra scrips, as follows:
1) How to integrate Volume into the same.

2) Do I have to open another instance of Excel for another scrip. I tried using the !Sheet feature which did not work. With another instance for Excel for another scrip, it eats a lot of memory.
-->>Say for example, I already have the Nifty ticks being integrated into Elwave wth Excel DDE and I want to integrate another scrip in REALTIME with Elwave. How do I do that? I found out a CRUDE METHOD by which I have to open another EXCEL Instance and then integrate Reliance. But with this, I found out that even NIFTY ticks (which were working fine earlier) stops working after some time.... :confused::confused::confused:

What is the solution for the same. Can some experienced person guide me on the same.

warm regards...rbhapkar
Can you please let us know how you got Excel working on 1 scrip. with Elwave DDE configuration screen shot and Nifty.xls file. This would be of great help.

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