Ego, emotion and trading.

I totally agree with you, emotions ruin the trading. It is difficult but is also essential to keep emotions out of the trade market only then you can trade skilfully.
Emotions like fear and greed can ruin your trades. So it's always better to have a good control on your emotions so that you can take sound decisions while trading.
It’s true that if a trader lets emotions come in the way of making trading decisions, they might not achieve what they want to. You have to stay realistic and logical.
I don't want to seem overcritical, but I haven't learnt anything new. The ideas of this article are correct and useful for the traders, but it could be much shorter, so that more community members would read it.
I liked the illustrations of how psychological factors intervene into decision making process and how it makes traders lose their money. It sounds really familiar to me and I deem that everyone has gone thriugh such moments. However, the most important thing here is to realise that such an approach is getting us nowhere and we should do something about it. Trading presupposes constant improvements and improving your psychology is of utmost importance.

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