Ego, emotion and trading.


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Definitely, emotions very often negatively affect the result of trading, so you need to learn how to deal with them as quickly as possible.
You hav really summed up all the things that newbies ought to know when they venture into this profession. You should pin this post. Many newbies just as you said, never take time to learn all the basic things before they get down to work.Why exactly does this happen is what we need to know. The adverts that lure people into these businesses are usually so inviting that whoever joins thinks that they are going to make a lot pf money by doing simpls things which is not the case. Trying to control emotions then becomes difficult because in their mind the are already set omn gaining a lot of money.
THe market will go the way it wants to. You have no power over it. You just have to make predictions whic in most cases are never correct. There are a lot of things that we should consider like that. As much as everyone says that we should learn to control our emotions, we have to know that it is not that easy. Emotions are emotions, they are built in us. If you have then then controlling them will not be easy because they are a part of who you are.If you cant control emotions then you just have to quit before you make losses. Some people are jsut not cut out for this line of work. Bteer to leave now before you lose eveything.

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