Edelweiss brokers Pros 'n CONs

Hello everyone

I have recently opened an trading account with Edelweiss broking....

to start with all went smoothly but soon discovered their complicated nature; as in understanding the platform and portal. and der is very little and short info about how tos on der website.... i have major issues regarding how does margins work and what all chargers they deduct while trading different products and also if der is any

1. advance brockrage plans... is der anyone got it and how they work out? how can i get one if they any good....

2. how to trade cover orders effectively (20 times margin)

3. regular trading portal vs express vs extreme wats the difference; n which one is better

4. research too vast and complicated for new trader hw to get around it.

please if u can clear my doubts and also add ur experience with them that will be great as i am strugllng to get hold of call centre guys keeps me on hold for ages....

looking forward to talk to u all