E-Book on Price Action Trading


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P.S. Do you know that there is a website called 'decisionpoint' - related to US stock market ? Nice name for your book.

Thanks Madan.

Yes, I am aware of it .I tried to register decisionpoint.com and found it is already in use by a US trading firm.

Then thought of naming the book "Decision Points". Unfortunately George W Bush grabbed it before I could. So I had to change it a little bit.



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Just finished reading the ebook. Starting few pages made me to read the whole book. Really appreciated to a Real Trader!
Dear All

I have written an E-Book on day trading Nifty Futures
It is all about price action trading in its purest form


You can read the review of the book by Lance Beggs in his latest news letter


Dear Sir,

Thank you very much for sharing this and also an insight into your own life of trading. I was still moving from diapers to knickers when you were actively trading primary issues. It only goes on to show trading is a serious skill and one needs dedication of years together to get it right and be comfortable with its risks. It only makes me humble and always remind me that there is a long way to go.