DownLoading Complete Symbol List From Yahoo Finance Website



Can Any One Advise Me How To DownLoad Complete List Of Ticker Symbol List Used on Yahoo Finance Website .
Eg. For State Bank Of INDIA SBI.BO

All Free EOD Downloading Softwares uses these Ticker Sysbols incl Metastock if you are not using Reuter Paid Exp. EOD Service.

I will appreciate if any one has got complete List OF Symbols for All Companies ON NSE /BSE.


Vishal S Jain


New Member
Hello vishalsjain,

As I monitor only a few active counters I normally go to the following page and copy the symbols from there.

On this page you can get the most actives, top gainers and top losers on both the NSE & BSE.

BTW can you tell me which download software do you use?

I can upload the list in excel form if some one can tell me how to do it. Is there any FILES section on this board where files can be uploaded ?

I can also send you the file to your email address. But I think it would also be a good idea to upload it to the FILES section where it will be available to every one who needs it.

There is a file in this same discussion forum where a member called a_n_i_l has uploaded the symbols as a text file. Maybe you can have a look at it. You can also upload files along with your message.

Hi Anil has already sent the same in text files on this thread: - Discussion forum for Indian Stocks & Commodities > TOOLS & RESOURCES > Software & Data.

I have the same data. But in excel format. If some one still wants it in excel file ( one file contains all the data ) please let me know.


I know this question is very basic, but bear with me. In the yahoo finance site and also in data bulls, there are some company names with au attached. What does this au signify ? like there is INFY.NS and INFYau.ns .

Can anyone please clarify ?

Thanks and regards,


New Member
Hi all frinds,
I thank investock for providing a file on yahoo symbols.
Downloading Nse symbols is no problem. Details and files are avialable on their web site - under equity.
Bse codes and scrip nameslist is for buy in Bse Publications but also avialable in any pink paper/ dalal Street/ Capital market.
Thanks --Today was my first visit to the site--------keep sssing u all.

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