Doubt about vc day trading

anyone who is not sebi registered and insisting on every video about his training program is fake, because they may have suffered huge loss and the way to recover loss from stock market is by providing training. however he has very good marketing skills, he earns more from training than what he trade. Its easier to get people by showing some fake screenshots. so i suggest to avoid and research on your own. If VC Day trader stops putting video what will you do next? You should work on your strategy than watching others...
if he had any good students making money, you must have seen some youtube comments, but you dont see, you only see telegram screenshots that may not be real.. dont waste your precious money. Also did you notice he never shown his contract notes, ask him to show his 3 month continuous profit contract notes by Zerodha that is sent to him by email. I bet you he will not show..

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