Do you think indian stock markets are volatile because of market manipulations?

Now after reading books and watching youtube videos I have a good idea how options work. But my current questions are simple ones.
  1. if a newbie wants to trade options what is the minimum/safe amount (total price+ buffer price) required, specifically if hedging with a buy and sell?
  2. Do any brokers in india allow margin on already leveraged option selling for day trading?
earlier too some where it highlighted .. let me put again .
if u r a newbie and if i give a bike what u will do ?
1. take it to a ground and practice and then ride on city busy road
2, straight away take it to city busy road ?

the point 1 here is investing and point 2 is trading ( particularly in options )

Many including me did opposite.. means did second one first and learnt a lesson .
this applies to any profession.
if ur just qualified doctor ( note the word qualified .. here that qualification too not required ) the hospital will assign u with some small cases not heart surgery straight away .

I saw a book in resource section uploaded by traderji .. the winning strategy in stock market .. have a look .
all the best
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