Do u have this AFL - Stone Moulder?


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Formula is not posted in above link. I got this picture from wisestocktrader only.
Did you read the comments on wise stock page? Although it is not written clearly, It is evident that Kuldip intends to sell the AFL


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What does this afl do?
Good question..................

may be it will do exactly "what Mastermind Signature will tell to do".......... just kidding

the code posted I have written but i put that code in the pasties section as an example. This guy removed my name and posted the code for some reason. Seems like a joke of some kind. Strange that the Administrator allows this. He doesn't even check if the code corresponds to the chart. Not posting there myself any more. This site has no quality standard whatsoever in my opinion.

But I used this code to make an interesting indicator, see:


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Hi friends

Fractal pivot based channels is an improved code concept.
If anyone has an elementary concept of how to get these diagonal trendlines please do share

	z = Zig(Close, 2);
	Plot(z, "", colorRed, styleLine, Null, Null, 0);
	Plot(z, "", colorBlue, styleLine, Null, Null, 5);
The image posted by you could be detecting peaks and troughs differently
or could be using different percentage with Zig, so unless you have more than one image with clearly legible prices, you can only guess what the other person is doing.

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