Do I have what it takes to become a Professional Trader

Do you think a retail trader can become profitable consistently for long time?

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dont risk more than 1 % of ur capital in a day ... but it does nt mean that its okay to lose 1% everyday ..then 100 day is enough for u to blow up ur account... first have a trading plan which does not change with mkt movements,,... write down ur entry exit and stop loss before taking the trade... and follow it .. if u cant follow stop trading.. do this for 20 days... if u r still negative ... then ur plan needs change... change plan and do the same for another 20 days... n so on....
probably risk a very small amount to start with which does not make any difference to u .... may be less than 0.5% of ur capital... get ur confidence and strategy up first.. dont lose money... trade with very small size and focus on strategy buliding
nice words, I am planning to do this

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