Divergence Questions

The examples in 1 through 4, are discussed with peaks, though they could be troughs.

My queries are not oscillator specific, though I am currently using MACD Histogram, CCI and RSI.

1. Non Sequential Divergence - There are 3 peaks in your oscillator. There is divergence with price if measured between peaks 1 and 3, though there is a much smaller peak 2 in between. Do the two Oscillator peaks have to be sequential (one after the other) or can the be interrupted by the lesser peak that exists in between ?

2. Is there a difference if the oscillator does or does not go across the zero (middle line) in between the peaks you are measuring

3. Same Peak Divergence - How strong is this signal ? When there is divergence between price and the oscillator's current peak only. Price trends higher, the current peak gets shorter. Often noticed in MACD Histogram.

4. Double Divergence (3 Peaks) - If there is divergence with 3 peaks (or more) in sequence, is that considered stronger than 2 ?

5. Hidden Divergence - Is my understanding correct ? - Price starts a move long, when it retraces, the oscillator trough is lower than that at the beginning of the move long. This would signal a continuation of trend, subject to other supporting evidence ?

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