Discussion about Renko : (from Varun's thread)


We can mimic the behavior of Renko using the regular OHLC charts by using super trend . . .

With ST use a fixed factor of 2 and instead of ATR(Period) use the Brick Size . . .

Not posting the complete code for ST, just a hint for those who want to try

Factor = 2;//Param("FACTOR",3,1,9,1);
BRICK = Param("BRICK",20,1,99,1);


    iATR = BRICK*Factor;
    Up =  ceil(H/BRICK)*BRICK+iATR;
    Dn = floor(L/BRICK)*BRICK-iATR;
Anyway, my opinion is we should keep separate systems in separate threads.
But if regular participants on this thread are happy with the way things are, then so be it

Happy :)


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@ doss
I never objected anybodies system ever. so never objected your also. 'm objecting the code you r using.
And imagine ....
What if i m right and your code is wrong. and
by tht wrong code you r earning say 100 points you may end up earning much more than tht if you get correct code.
you start a thread and see all including me will start sharing their knowledge on renko tht may help you and people will also understand it in tht flow.
it will be win win for all
To take the discussion of the proposed Renko chart further and to get automatic adds just remove the boxes from the final chart and colour code the candles (Green above the last box and red below it. You would get automatic coloured regions as pivots to trail and add.
Extremist Bhai, MB bhai,
could you please help. :D

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