Discount Broker Comparison

That's because of difference in brokerage. As your trade value increases the difference will go narrow and eventually go in favour of Zerodha.
Ok, but that stands for the trade value of each trade, if the value is spread over a number of trades, then the gap will continue.

Anyway, I have asked VNS, in their thread, to come forth on this.


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Hi, all charges are listed under the pricing section at
Kotak is an established brand name. You can easily afford to buy your own thread here and support the forum instead of posting like this by hiding your site link. :wacky:

Many brokers started from nothing here and built up their brands --- zerodha, upstox, fyers, finvasia. Read their threads and see where they are today. :singing:

When you have your own thread to talk to customers and answer their questions personally, it builds up goodwill and eases their doubts about your standards.
Do brokers allow to link demat account from other brokers or we have to have both the trading and demat account with the same broker? Going by initial search some brokers are not allowing it. One says it's mandatory to open both demat and trading account with them. I don't know what they mean by "mandatory", it's mandatory because it's their company policy or it's mandatory because SEBI has this clause? Few years ago we didn't even needed demat account when trading derivatives. :mad: