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i have a talk with them , they are giving now and protrader(desktop platform) and brokarage as per their site is low enough ,0.006/or rs 15/ ,which is lower. protrader free of cost. account opening fee rs 400/ but yet to develop their own web trading platform. they are using may be now web version.


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Review of Protrader platform

This protrader platform devloped by a company name PFSOFT .
They sell full fledged solution to banks prime brokerages or retail brokerages ..back end and front end
If I understood correctly they have a protrader desktop , web and mobile app in the frontend .
So a brokerage buying their solution can get all 3 platform instead of devloping separately.

These guys also have platform called PTMC (Pro trader Multi connect ) based on their tech which they directly sell to retail ( mostly for western markets) the pricing is $50 per month ..this app demo probabily tells us how the app should behave and what are its capbilities

Coming back to the Composite edge Pro trader ...(you can take a demo by visting their website and click on protrader paper trading link)
The platform definitely will take some getting used to.
This app looks like made with C# dot net(not 100% sure ) pretty mordern
The first think I notice in the corner there is a connection indicator along with real time latency indicator to the brokers server ....which is very nice

Also the futures lot are not in qtys but in lots meaning instaed of 75 it will be shown as 1 everywhere which I like ...some might hate it ...
Basically you can create any number of workspace and within workspace create any number windows and arrange whatever way like ...also do panel linking ..etc
All basic feature like chart , dom , watch list, market depth , time &sales and order, positions etc etc are their
The 2 new thing I saw is scalper and mtrix it is something to do with order flow stuff not sure I understand them fully

Also they have option chain ...but for some reason option chain is it own independent window ...not sure I understand that ....becuase of that option chain cannot be integrated with other charts and dom etc ...awkard to use hopefully they fix it..

There is a dedicated grid window ...where u can instatly create grid charts 3x3 or 4X4 ...etc..

coming back to charting they have support for everything
But only time based chart is working and profile is also working
Tick , Price range ,Renko ,Cluster ...etc etc ...basically anything based on tick data is not working
Which is hugely disappointing
I really hope compsite edge provide all chart type support else it is incomplete ...


they do support trade from charts also u can enable SL or TP or both and it will be placed along with your order



Also there is coding support can code your own indicator and EA based on ..there is a full fetured IDE included ..
Also there is startegy manager where you can deply multiple algo and can manage them
Very good for somebody who is looking for algo solutions.

All in all ther is no doubt the platform is superb ...the question is how good is the integration ...
I feel there is more work needed ...the feature set is incomplete ..
if they do support tick charts then this platform will beat even TWS from IB as the best desktop platform in India

few things I forgot

RAM usage is around 400M for running extended period of time
The app is rock solid no stability issue.

they also support trailing stoploss orders ...these are not bo co order these are normal orders...the platform provides the intelegence to link them and trail them ...
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but what will be the case for like upstox etc. they are in paper no 2 discount broker but there upstox pro not working most of the time during trading hours(can't log max time) , may be have to close with upstox. as payout available from upstox pro so can not request withdraw request. but have to think to close the account as only zerodha will be left. al r gone in lockdown situation. brokers who are surviving ,fortunately as their system running any way . if some problem arise ,there may not any solution


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composite edge have a small issue in brokarage structure . for mainly intrady cash trade,minimum brokarage is rs 10/' some time an issue if u experiment with some small trade in intraday cash. better for mainly f&o traders. that i was astonished, that with such platform they are charging rs 15/ or .006. fyers introduced such scheme but taken it back as feedbacks given in their threads
As per SEBI circular beyond AUG 2021 we can't able to get intraday Traditional Broking firms should change the court..
then brokerage structure also revised big up/down..

Happy trading


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with the new sebbi rule...if intrday levergae is gone then one more diffrentiating factor for brokers is gone
Broker only have one thing to differentiate that is new technology and platform those who have will elivate those who don't will suffer
there r some brokers who dont give any leverage even today .. soon its going to be same for all brokers ...


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with the new sebbi rule...if intrday levergae is gone then one more diffrentiating factor for brokers is gone
Broker only have one thing to differentiate that is new technology and platform those who have will elivate those who don't will suffer
Perceived safety of money might also matter too if there is need to keep more capital with the broker, so say zerodha etc rather than smaller brokers.
With no leverage, IB becomes competitive too, although they might still ask a bit more than others.

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