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hello dilip2k

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dilipji can i excercise the rights of an option here in NSE -

like suppose xyz is trading at 100 and CA (call) of 110 has a premium of
2. when i buy this option my breakeven will be when xyz is traded at 112 at the end of the settlement day. After i bought xyz, at 2, within a day or two xyz is traded at say 105 and premium of 110 is 7 - now i c xyz may reach 125 in next settlement period - now i want to excercise my right - can i do it - can i ask nse to give me the actual delivery of xyz

Can you please help me

Hi Anil,
we still do not have physical settlement in NSE. So you will have to wait a while longer before you can ask for delivery :)
hope the answer helps.


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